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We are a community based around Villa Kuntergrund, a creative space near Leipzig.

Be it music, woodworking or arts. We offer plenty of space and the perfect athmosphere for everyone to try out new stuff or realize projects too big for an average flat - DIY or die!

We hope to build and evolve a network to support each other in  creating and promoting our art.

Impressions of Villa Kuntergrund

Der Hof: Parken, Grillen, große Projekte
Der Garten: Obstbäume, Gemüsebeet, Ghettoworkout
Der Proberaum: Recorden, Jammen, Krach
Das Studio: Songwriting, Tracking, Mixing
Der Saal: Veranstaltungen, Kino, Galerie

Some examples of projects and everyday life at Kuntergrund


We've had many ideas of what we wanted to do at Kuntergrund. But music has always been the main factor. We felt, we needed  a space that would allow us to make music without limitations in terms of space or availability.

Kuntergrund-Studios consist of two rooms: One liveroom and one mixing room. With a floor area of 30m² the liveroom will easily fit a fivepiece band. Since it's soundproof you can rehearse and record 24/7.

The mixing room is not only perfect for mixing and mastering. You can also track vocals, guitars, piano or bass. This makes for an ideal songwriting cave.

We've got a fine selection of instruments, amps, cabs and mics. Over the last few years we also gained experience in recording. We can help you setting up mics as well as mixing your tracks.

Very little sessions are done in one day. But don't worry: we have plenty of space for you to sleep at. Time for your recording vacation in the countryside.

Artists of Kuntergrund

heavy, psychedelic,

trance inducing rock music

Melodic HC


Singer / Songwriter

Get involved!

You'd like to come for a visit or become a part of Kuntergrund?

Have a coffee, carpenter and record your music - or maybe weld a lifesize statue of an okapi. Kuntergrund is the space for you to materialize your wildest ideas. Hit us up and tell us about your plans. We are excited!